Precision Tackle

Precision Tackle is a family run business formed in Lake Macquarie, NSW. With over 45 years of boating and fishing experience, we strive to deliver the highest quality tackle available. We learnt over the years that quality tackle is the staple that makes it possible in ticking off those on bucket list.

we love our Estuary, inshore and offshore fishing, including everything from the Humble Flathead to Game fishing including Tuna and Blue marlin. We have always been intrigued by deep-water species and the excitement of winching fish up from depths of up to 800 meters.

We fish areas on the east coast of Australia to just beyond the Continental shelf and also fish Seamounts including Taupo Seamount located 400Klm off shore. Our main target species are Bar cod, Gemfish and Bass grouper.

Our aim is to provide you a quality Australian made product that will provide the best fishing experience possible. Along our fishing journey we have developed some great personal friendships, along with great customers, business partners and suppliers of quality tackle. All of this put together made us start up a small business to be able to provide quality Australian made tackle.

Our Business is predominantly targeted towards Deep Dropping, but we also supply a range of high quality fishing tackle. Our products continue to evolve and meet our customer's needs in all areas of their fishing and boating activities.

When you buy from Precision Tackle, you know that you’re getting quality products designed for the land and sea. Our mission is to create an Australian made “Precision Tackle” branded range with uncompromising quality and durability that are delivered to our customers with the highest level of customer service any family like ours would expect.

We love customisation and can make your requests a reality.