Lure rigging kit

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Tackle box is designed with a high quality waterproof seal to keep all your components dry all day long even in harsh conditions. 

Lure rigging kit includes the following 

100x Copper double wire crimps 2.00mm  

100x Copper double wire crimps 2.40mm 

100x Aluminum crimps 200LB 

100x Aluminum crimps 300LB 

100x Aluminum crimps 400LB 

5x 7691ss hooks 9/0 

5x 7691ss hooks 10/0 

5x 7691ss hooks 11/0 

5x 7691ss hooks 12/0 

20x Hook locks 

5 Meters chafe guard 

5 Meters stainless steel wire 2.4mm 

1x Deluxe hand crimper suits 0.5 to 2.2mm crimps